16 June 2014

A Little Bit 'O Camo

My mom called me on Friday. I don't remember how the conversation went, so I'm just gonna make it up.

Mom: Hey! So, you remember Mrs. Blah's daughter, Blah Blah, right?
Me: Yeah...
Mom: Well, she's having a baby shower this week and I'm thinking she needs some cute burp cloths.
Me: Oh yeah, she is pregnant.
Mom: I was hoping you could help me...
Me: Yeah! I have this really easy pattern and all you need to do is cutthefabricandjustsew...
Mom: I was hoping you could...
Me: it on...
Mom: make them for me.
Mom: I'll pay you.
Me: Well, yeah! Okay, that's not a problem I've got some pinkfabricsomewhereandi'm cleaningoutthestash and what's the theme?
Mom: They like camo.
Me: CAMO. I have camo. Matter of fact I have some pink rick-rack, too. Done.
Mom: ...okay.

And hour later I produced these:

They were really simple. Measured the length of the burp cloth, cut rick rack to that length, cut the width x height + 1.5" on each side for the fabric, ironed the ends under, pinned, sewed and I was good to go. If I added it up, I maybe used a ¼ a yard of the fabric and 1½ packages of jumbo rick rack. Had the diapers on hand, and I was good to go!

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  1. Ha! I love that you have hunting camo just laying around. These turned out super cute!!!