29 June 2014


Fort Benning had their Independence Celebration yesterday, and the ONLY thing I wanted to do was the airborne towers. What is that, you might ask? Well, when you go to airborne school, you learn how to jump out of perfectly good airplanes. So, when we arrived at Benning, Brian's school is right next to the Airborne field, where they have the parachute towers, and basically, really awesome ziplines.  And I got the chance to do them yesterday. Basically, it's a 34' tower, that has cables you're attached to, and then you jump out the door. Yes, you jump out a perfectly good tower and hope for the best.

First, you get hooked into your harness thing, and have the ever living stuffing squeezed out of you, followed by a helmet.

Next, you walk up a 34' tower, letting the guy behind you pass you, because I'm so out of shape, and omfg stairs.

Once he gets up there, and jumps, it's now your turn. The guy starts hooking you up, and tells you, "Okay, you can jump!"

You pause. Doubt yourself. Accidentally look down. Oh hell no. Start having second thoughts. The jump guy says, "You can do it! It'll be fun!" The other guy goes, "I know you can jump, you're wearing Chucks." By God, he's right. I AM WEARING CHUCKS. I take a deep breath. Mutter a cuss word of choice, and take a running leap. SCREEEEEEAM.

Which alerts your husband that you are, in fact, jumping from the other side. And not the one he's close to, so he doesn't get the horrified look on your face. And probably because I ran, as I'm flying down this cable to my death, I'm spinning in circles.

Moving very fast towards the end. Trying not to lose my sunglasses.

As I approach the end, the guy yells "LIFT YOUR FEET." My bad guy. Didn't want to kick you in the head.

I reached the end, and kept going, then I flew backwards into four soldiers. Sorry guys, but great catch. They released me, after I was able to stand up, and I wobbled back to Brian.

I'd totally do it again.


  1. So fun! I especially love how happy you look at the end!

    I would say that this looks like something I would do, until you got to the height of the tower. Yeah, not so sure I could go through with it.

    1. I was honestly excited about the whole idea until I looked down. NEVER LOOK DOWN. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, though.