30 June 2014

Fall Quilt, FINISHED.

Back in the summer of 2013, I started making my fall quilt. WHO KNEW it would take me almost a year to finish? (me.) I'm missing pictures of the progress (I think they're on my other computer) but I am finally done! I even quilted it. It was my first quilt that I did by the laser picture scroll things.

So, it's been in the quilted, but unfinished state since probably August of last year. Just folded up. Hanging out on my quilt ladder. Waiting. Taunting. 

Until yesterday. I decided to finish things before I started new ones. All the things. And so I did. 

Yesterday, I dug through my fabric, was was able to find the binding fabric I purchased. Thankfully, I did purchase it last year, because if I hadn't, I wouldn't have found it. Posh Pumpkin is hard to find now. I cut, sewed, ironed, and attached it. Left it like that, so I would have something to entertain me today. And I finished it. Aww yiss.

Here is the horribly wrinkly front.

And there is the equally wrinkly back. (Thanks Brian, for holding things.

This quilt has a story. I didn't like it originally. I bought it, because of the pumpkin fabric, which I thought was adorable. But, after I put it together, I started having doubts. Like "omg it's the 1970s" doubts. There were days I hated it. People offered to buy it from me, but no, I wasn't that desperate to get rid of it. I mean, pumpkins! So, my friend Kathie, suggested adding a bored. Right on, Kathie. Right on. I found the brown plaid, and stuck it on. And that did it. I no longer hated it. It was the perfect Fall quilt! I decided to do a flannel backing, which, I may never do again, because EVERYTHING sticks to it. I took the top to the local quilt store in El Paso, Owensville, and picked out the binding fabric. It wasn't my first choice, but meh. I figured I'd do something different. Why not? I quilted it sometime in the fall, after Brian came home, and there it sat. Until now.

I think I've grown to love it.


  1. I love it now!!!! I remember you laying it out on the floor at Kathie's and thinking the same thing (the 70s had exploded in her sewing room). But that border and binding really sets it off nicely and it will be PERFECT to drag out each Fall! Job well done!!!

    1. Hahaha, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I seriously was like "Ew ew ew. No." It's amazing how much that border helps!
      (And thank you!)

  2. I LOVE it!!!!! Perfect colors for fall.
    You have inspired me to get out my fabric and a pattern I have had for almost 5 years...

  3. I love it! It just makes me think of snuggling in cool weather, drinking apple cider, a bon fire. All the best things about fall!