20 June 2014

Feelin' Like a Badass.

There I was, yesterday, tackling the craft room like a mad woman. Dumping out containers, throwing stuff away, stuffing stuff in a box to give away, putting things in their proper [new] places, it was great. I was noddin' along to my jams. It was great. I was confident that I was gonna have this room cleaned and organized by Saturday. And even possibly my 40 Bags in 40 Days list done by the end of this month. I mean, look how much I've done so far:

Note: Yesterday not marked off.
And I was pleased. Confident. Inspired. Motivated. And then I ran out of water. So, I got up from my mess, and headed towards the kitchen. As soon as I left the craft room. I heard the cries of Winnie, who loves to do nothing but hang outside all day long. (And night, if we'd let her.) I rolled my eyes, because I thought she had caught another Skink. But, when I entered the living room, she was practically climbing up the screen, freaking out trying to convince me to let her in. So, I let her in. And as soon as I opened the door and looked up, I saw what was freaking her out. The woods behind our house was on fire.
"Oh, shit!" I said as I walked out on the back porch. Then, I noticed two boys desperately flinging coolers of pool water onto the flames. I hustled down to the bottom of the yard, and noticed that the neigbors were starting to slowly come out. "HAVE YOU CALLED 911?!!?" I yelled. I got back a weary, "Yes ma'am." I wasn't too confident. I texted Brian that the woods were on fire, and then I called 911. I think four or five of us did. Then I took a picture.

The neighbor next to me, started talking to me. She said she'd called 911, and that she was worried, because she had a baby. I told her not to worry, until the fence was on fire. Then, a breeze happened.

And that's when I started to worry. First, I went to go find our little bitty fire extinguisher. Found it, and realized that wasn't going to work. So, I hooked up the hoses, instead.
Then the wind blew, again.

The neighbor, said, "That's getting mighty close to your fence." Yeah it was. So, I hosed down the fence and the yard, and the realized I was too short to even see over the fence. So I went and got the ladder. As you can see in this picture, the fire department is in the upper right side, trying to control it over there. Also, notice how LARGE the flames are. It started spreading QUICKLY. By the time I got the ladder and my hose set up, it was 10 feet from our fence. I turned that sucker on full blast and started spraying. I was able to get a lot of it out, and then ANOTHER breeze came and blew the fire about two feet from the other neighbors fence. I got that out, too. Then, two guys from the neighborhood behind us came running at me and asked if they could use my hose. I said sure, my flames were out, and threw it at them. So for the next fifteen minutes, I helped feed the hose over the fence and watched out for new fires. They were able to get it all out before it damaged any houses. Right before they finished, Brian came home. He found me outside on a ladder, pointing over a fence at still smoldering bits to the guys with our hose. He didn't get the text until he got home. Thankfully, it wasn't anything worse. While I was reeling in the hose, Brian went to go talk to the fire department.
Turns out, no matter what they did, they couldn't have reached the fire with their hoses. (So they say.) There wasn't a place where they could have gotten the truck into, to have access for the hose, because of all the fence in the area. Which is rather disturbing. The scarier part to me? If I wasn't home, a lot more damage could have been done if I hadn't have hooked up my hose. (Just bragging a bit. Let me have it.) Though, my dying gratitude is to those three random guys who helped fight the fire (I'm looking at you awesome beard guy, bald guy with TMNT shorts, and Old-School Oakley guy who had more hose). They came out of nowhere, and took over through the briars, the burning bushes, and whatever else horrible was back there. THOSE guys are the real heroes. I thanked them profusely, and as they were walking back, another neighbor, who'd just gotten home from work, offered to buy them a case of beer. Didn't even think of that.
So, as I was dragging the hose and the ladder back up the hill, Brian came back from finding out what happened, and helped me clean up. Then, the fire guys and a sheriff's deputy appeared in the neighbor's backyard, and started discussing what was going on.
Turns out, two kids in the other neighborhood were just lighting fires in the woods for shits and giggles. Being kids. Then, of course, it got out of hand, and they freaked out and tried to put it out. Needless to say, when the deputy went to one kid's house, he didn't answer the door. But the other kid did, and ratted the other kid out. Let's just hope there's some sort of consequence to this. Here's the aftermath:

As you can see, it got pretty close to the fence. I was able to put it out, before any real damage was done.

Brian jumped the fence a little later to check out the damages and he got this picture.

 Can you see me, the bright white blob at the corner of our fence? Yeah. They burned about an acre and a half in about 30 minutes.

So, yeah. Needless to say, the craft room didn't get finished, and still is in the state as I left it. I'll finish it later. I'm tired, from being sunburnt and having heat exhaustion.

Can you spot the cat?
But, it's getting better. Here's to a fire-free weekend.


  1. Scary! When you posted the picture on facebook, I don't know, I thought you were a junior park ranger or something. I didn't put two and two together and realize that the fire was a legit huge fire and it was scorching the earth and headed right for your house! Good thing you are such a badass. Fire is no match for you.

  2. WOW - you ARE a badass! Scary stuff - glad no one was hurt/lost/etc.
    Hugs and kudos to you for being alert!