01 June 2014

The "Weekend Quilt" part two!

I worked my ass off to finish this quilt in a week. It took me 18 hours total (first quilt I timed!) so, feasibly? Yes. Yes you could make this quilt in a weekend. I'm just slow, and can't stand for long periods of time (looking at you, cutting table) so therefore, it took me a week. But here it is, in all its finished glory:

Awww yisss. Right after I took this picture, and was relieved that I was done, my dear, sweet, loving husband goes, "Is that one supposed to be turned that way?" I slowly turned to my quilt, and my heart sank. My now ALMOST perfect quilt has a block turned the wrong way.

But, what I've learned that, is if it's perfect, I didn't make it.


Now to wait on the backing to arrive so I can take it to the quilter!


  1. It looks AMAZING! Did you know that olde time quilters used to put squares in backwards ON PURPOSE? So, just own it, call it a design element, etc.!

  2. THAT is GORGEOUS!! I love the color combo and the stars.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I didn't even noticed the "messed up" square until you pointed it out. Besides, if you're snuggling up under it, it really doesn't matter if one block is backwards, right?