12 July 2014

Cats are Assholes.

So, Scout has found her a new spot, sleeping on our CLEAN TOWELS.

Yeah, I see you there, looking all cute and innocent. GET DOWN.

I thought I was being clever, and I put the hand towel across it. "That'll stop her."

Next morning, SIKE. 

 Look at her, shunning us. Pretending that if she can't see us, we can't see her. NOT. GET DOWN.

So, I figured putting the washcloth bin up there would stop her. Hubs didn't agree. *sigh* He was right. Later that day....


So, I got a freakin' Mantry crate and put it up there. She jumped up there, and we heard a crash, and saw her running off.

So far, so good...


  1. Dude, this totally could have got you a book deal. It really reminds me of Stuff on Scout's Head, which is just pictures of a dog with stuff on its head. This would be pictures of your cat sitting on towels.

  2. Keep putting that crate up there. One time is never enough with our derps (Oreo). They (supposedly) don't like aluminum foil if you're up for a little bling on your towels.

  3. Ginger heifer, ha. Now I have a backup Twitter alias in case I ever need one.