17 July 2014

I Spy with my Little Eye: My Craft Room!

I always enjoy searching for craft room ideas on Pinterest. It's mildly inspiring, and makes me wish I had a permanent house so I could do cool things like I see in some. But, alas. I move too often for that to happen. So, I made do with what I have. And today, I'm finally pleased enough to show you what I make-do with.

It's not perfect, but who am I kidding? Neither am I.

So, I suppose here's the "messiest" part of the room. You can clearly see a computer that should have been put to pasture about three years ago, that has "next in line" projects piled on it, or around it.

Here's my sewing counter. You've got my ironing station, my sewing machine, my serger, my shotglass collection and a few things piled. (I like piling things.) Because of the window, this picture is dark. :\ My photography skillz are not fantastic.

Here's my cutting area! And things that should be on the wall, but aren't, because there's no point! You can see my Halloween quilt still sitting there. I'm also very pleased with my bins under the table.

Look how nice and labeled they are.

And here's the other half of the room. The shelf is actually a vanishing design wall that's really, really awesome. It's one of my favorite purchases EVER.


And of course, inside the closet. It's still cluttered, but who am I kidding? It's a closet. It has doors. I can find things. It's just fine.

And there you have it. This house's craft room. I've had three different craft rooms since 2011. How many more will I have? How will I lay them out and design them? STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT.

(But the real question is, where's my fabric?)


  1. Looks like a fantastic space to be crafty in (and get some work done too ;) )! Enjoy!

  2. I love your craft room! I feel inspired just looking at it. And I think it's the perfect mix of cluttered and organized. You wouldn't want everything squirreled away and sterile looking, right? No! So I think it's great!