11 July 2014


I did so good last week. I actually posted a lot. This week? Not so much. So, have some mini-updates.

 I'm almost done with my 40 Bags in 40 Days. I'm on day...25, and I still have a few things left. 

Now that the guest room is void of fireworks, I can go re-tackle that. Yes, I have to re-clean it, because everything was thrown everywhere and just ugh. As you can see, the craft room is now mostly done. I just need to go through some bins in the closet. I'm still procrastinating on the living room. There's not even much to do, but still. And then, of course, go back through all my denial stuffs. But, I'm very pleased with how I've done, and my husband is shocked. Shocked, but incredibly pleased. (He's super neat and organized. I'm...not. At all.)

I started a Halloween Quilt, because hey, Halloween in July, not Christmas in July. It's Maude Asbury's Spooktacular (with one fabric of Spooktacular Too). I'm using Amy Smart's Lattice Quilt pattern, and I can't tell you a good review yet, because, I'm still cutting it out. See?

Looking to finish it and a bag or two by the end of the month.

In more exciting news, I joined a class on Fitocracy, and it started on the 30th. I'm tired of being pudgy and weak, so I figured it was time. Wish me luck. One day, I'll be brave and post my results.


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    1. Ghost kitty is the entire reason I bought that fabric.

  2. LOVE that fabric! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!!!