23 July 2014

Row By Row Experience: Part Two!

So, Monday, I sped my way through the Atlanta area, hopping through as many stores as possible. I got through 8. EIGHT. I originally was only going to do four, and then...whoops.

Let me tell you about the first four!

My first stop was going to be originally in Jonesboro, but when I realized that Patrick's Feed and Seed opened at 9, I figured, "what the hell" and went there first. No regrets. It's a quilt store/feed and seed/CANDY STORE in Covington, GA. That's what sold it for me. It was nice! A third of the store was quilting, a half was gardening stuff, and the rest was candy. It was definitely a little country store. They had hoop cheese. If I wasn't gonna be in the car for a million hours, I was totally gonna get some. But I got cookies, instead.

This is my small haul from there. Got their kit, license plate, and two grey fat quarters for an upcoming Christmas present. I also snuck a picture of this quilt.

Gorgeous. I'm gonna go back and get that kit, one day. I love it! (Bribe parents for Christmas present?)

Next stop was also unplanned, but I realized it was on the way, and so I said "Hell yeah!" Very happy I stopped. A Scarlet Thread in McDonough, GA is amazing. It's so bright, and colorful, and cheerful, and I could have left with a car full of things. But I was good, and I didn't.

I got the V & Co sewing machine quilt pattern, their cute pattern, their license plate, and one grey fat quarter. And, because they were featured in the Quilt Sampler magazine, I got a complementary copy! How nice! Every one was super friendly. I'd totally go there, again.

Next stop, was originally my first, in Jonesboro, GA. Quilts N Fixins is a cute little store, who always has a gaggle of ladies there when I visit. They also have an amazing rooster quilt.

I'm determined to make at least four of those roosters. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous in person, and it's so inspiring every time I see it.

So, this time, I bought one rooster, Rascal, to give it a shot. He's all flustered looking and I love it. I also got the Lost Socks pattern, because I'm crazy and decided that I'm bored enough to try applique. Or as Brian pronounces it "Apple-Kay." Got one of their license plates, and their kit. They were out of their kits, but that's okay. This was also the last store I was able to pick up a plate at.

My next stop was Intown Quilts, in Decatur, GA. THEY HAD COTTON + STEEL. I molested all of the fabric. It's really great fabric, and I can't wait to see what they come out with next. I was able to hold my excitement and only pick out ONE yard.

Do you see it? I picked out the canvas, because it was amazing. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but there it is. I own some Cotton + Steel. I also picked up some license plate fabric to go with all my license plates I'm getting. Thought it would be cute to go on a quilt. Got their pattern, too.
Found a bunch of grey fat quarters, including the chemistry one. It's awesome. The spider webs glow in the dark, and the football is for a project I've been commissioned to do. And lastly, do you see that one by the footballs? That's SELVAGE printed fabric. So, of course, I needed a fat quarter of that. And for a dollar, I got a button that said "UFO-logist." Cause...that's how I roll. They were out of patterns, so I put in an order for one.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's next four.

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