03 July 2014

Tiptoe Through the Tulips!

Back around Mother's Day, a friend (I think it was Kristy) posted a pattern giveaway from Quilting in the Rain. I knew I needed it, immedeatly. It was a TULIP pattern. Tulips are one of my top three flowers. (Followed by Ranunculus and Peonies) So, I entered the giveaway, and I sadly, did not win. So, I zipped over to her etsy store and bought it. And waited. Not very patiently. Keeping up with my destash promise, I went through my fabrics. Found the perfect one. Dear Stella's Clementine collection. I believe it's called Flower Market. Anywho, I decided it was the one.
Move over to my Fat Quarter boxes, and decided just to go with some solids for the tulips. I didn't have big enough scraps, or like any six particular patterns together. And for the background? Stumped.

Thought for a while.

Polka dots.

But what kind?

I really wanted some multicolored ones, but only in swiss dot. Couldn't find any. I was almost about to resort with grey on white swiss dot, when a thought occurred to me. SWISS FLOCKED DOT. And low and behold, an etsy seller had the perfect one for me. Mint colored with white dots. She even checked to see if it matched my Dear Stella fabric. (Now that's customer service.)

So I waited some more.

It came in!

Started cutting everything out, immediately. The next day, I put the whole top together and basted it with some vintage blue floral that a friend had given away before she moved. But how to quilt it? I was stumped. I let it sit for a while, while thinking about it and looking up examples. Nothing I liked. Quilting on the flocked swiss dot, just wouldn't do it. So I consulted a friend, and BAM. Just stitch in the ditch, and give the leaves veins. Duh. (Thanks again, Courtney.) I finished it last night. 2nd quilty project ever to complete in a month. With further ado, the results!


My bobbin started hating me, so there's some goofs on the back, but it's going on a wall, so I'm not too worried.

Over all, I'm proud of this, and the pattern was really simple and easy. It's now proudly hanging on my wall.

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  1. Purdy! This would make such a cute baby shower gift!