27 October 2014

Glory be, hallelujah!

I am currently writing to you from OUR NEW HOUSE. Oh yes. It is amazing and almost everything I've ever dreamed of. (No secret passages or in the middle of 50 acres of land) We're still unpacking, and trying to find a new place for everything. It's exciting and frustrating all at once. But, I have my fingers crossed that this is one of our longer PCS moves, cause, so far, I love Kansas. I haven't survived all four seasons yet, but so far, Fall is pretty awesome.

Hopefully, I will be sewing again soon. My craft room, sadly, always get last priority. But...this craft room is going to be the best yet. Why? Because it's a whole FLOOR of the house! A FLOOR. Lookit.

These pictures are taken from opposite corners, but it's HUGE. When we get a moment (and money) to finish it, there will be a smallish office/non-conforming bedroom, and then one big ass room. Thankfully, there's already a finished bathroom down here. But how exciting is this? Looking forward to the future. But for now, just looking forward to finding all my stuff again.

20 October 2014

Cross Stitch, the Sanity Saver.

The very first craft that I learned (besides gluing things together and mutilating paper with my mother's good scissors) was cross-stitch. I don't know if my mother said, "You shall learn this like your foremothers!" or I went "what are you doing, let me do it. I want to do it. Let me do it. I NEED TO DO IT." But, what I do remember is "helping" her cross stitch. She'd point to where I needed to poke the needle through, on top, and then she'd poke the needle back through the bottom. Repeat. I was delighted. Soon there after, Mom found some 10ct Aida (or something else ridiculously large) and she told me I was going to learn how to cross stitch with the same pattern she learned to cross stitch with. A simple little owl, sitting on a branch. Like, this one:

This is not mine. I found it here.
Oh! Exciting times for me. I like birds. I liked doing what Mom was doing, LET'S DO THIS. So, with Mom's help, I cross stitched my first owl. I don't remember how long it took, or how many times I did it wrong, but my incredibly patient mother helped me get it done. I remember doing the pine needles. I was fascinated. Cross-Stitch: The Gateway Drug to Crafting. I'm sure Mom still has my little owl somewhere at home.

Fast Forward to today.  I recently discovered The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and all their kawaii patterns. No, seriously. Go look at them. While I was drooling over their patterns, I was drooling over the fabric they stitched them on. Where do people find fabric like this? Walmart/Joann's/Hobby Lobby doesn't have stuff like this. THEN, Facebook alerted me to the fact that they have a FB group (how thoughtful.) So of course, I joined. THEN LO AND BEHOLD in their links was a place to get "the most wonderful fabric ever." Curious, I clicked on it: Picture This Plus. As I was drooling over the fabric, I looked at the address to see how long it might take me to get some fabric. I blinked. I blinked again. Then I shouted at my husband, "WE'RE GOING TO ABILENE [KS]!!!" This place was less than an hour from us! I wanted to hop in the car and go right then and there, but then I realized that it was 7pm and they were most definitely closed. So, I had to wait until the next day.

AND IT WAS GLORIOUS. Picture This Plus is an adorable little shop underneath a bookstore. EVERYONE was friendly, helpful, and let me fondle the Aida. The fabric is beautiful, wonderful and soft and oh my all the threads! Being that I am not an expert cross-stitcher, I bought some non-fancy thread, from Sullivan's. It was only 9¢ more than DMC and had the DMC color on it, so I figured why not? I needed some. And then I spent like two days picking out fabric. But, I finally went with Fresco.

Everything went so well together, that it was like it was meant to be. Except for that last color on the right. You see it? Well, it almost blends in with the fabric, so I'm trying to decide what color I can replace it with. But, until then, I'm just gonna skip that color and keep on stitching. 

As for the pattern I chose, it's the Autumn Sampler pattern. Look at how adorable it is. And as of last Friday, this is my slow, but steady, progress!

Can you see the coloration of the fabric, where it looks like it has blue splotches? Yes? Yes, it's that amazing. I'm having fun with it, and hope to have it done before winter. (Ha!) I'd like to do all four seasons like this, but one step at a time. One tiny, tiny step.

08 October 2014

Happy Fall, y'all!

Ah, October. My favorite month of the year. And here I am. Stuck in a hotel room not being able to enjoy you properly. Waiting. Hopefully for less than two and a half weeks. But still. Why? Because we're in process of buying a house! Yes! OUR FIRST HOUSE. And it's flippin' amazing, y'all. It's a gorgeous, cozy home. Whenever it's ours, I'll post pictures. Maybe.

But, we've been homeless for 25 days now. TWENTY-FIVE DAYS. Because I like stats, have some:

Pounds Towed: 6,822
Miles Driven: 1,034
Gallons of Gas: 105
States Traveled: 7
Beds slept in: 6
Places Stayed: 5
Projects Started: 4
Books Read: 3
Grumpy Cats: 2
House Purchases Pending: 1

In other news, I finally finished Alice Hoffman's The Dovekeepers. I've been reading it since July. JULY. I don't know why it took me that long. The book was amazing and hard to put down, but yet...I did. Which also means I surpassed my 52 books goal this year with flying colors. Because, that was book 61 and I'm still not done with the year. Next up, Deborah Harkness's A Discovery of Witches. Someone told me to read it, and it was the first book I came across in one of my new libraries, so why not?

I'll post my projects a little later. Two are gifts, and two aren't finished, so, you'll just have to suffer and wait. Or, deal with my pictures on instagram: amberghini4