08 October 2014

Happy Fall, y'all!

Ah, October. My favorite month of the year. And here I am. Stuck in a hotel room not being able to enjoy you properly. Waiting. Hopefully for less than two and a half weeks. But still. Why? Because we're in process of buying a house! Yes! OUR FIRST HOUSE. And it's flippin' amazing, y'all. It's a gorgeous, cozy home. Whenever it's ours, I'll post pictures. Maybe.

But, we've been homeless for 25 days now. TWENTY-FIVE DAYS. Because I like stats, have some:

Pounds Towed: 6,822
Miles Driven: 1,034
Gallons of Gas: 105
States Traveled: 7
Beds slept in: 6
Places Stayed: 5
Projects Started: 4
Books Read: 3
Grumpy Cats: 2
House Purchases Pending: 1

In other news, I finally finished Alice Hoffman's The Dovekeepers. I've been reading it since July. JULY. I don't know why it took me that long. The book was amazing and hard to put down, but yet...I did. Which also means I surpassed my 52 books goal this year with flying colors. Because, that was book 61 and I'm still not done with the year. Next up, Deborah Harkness's A Discovery of Witches. Someone told me to read it, and it was the first book I came across in one of my new libraries, so why not?

I'll post my projects a little later. Two are gifts, and two aren't finished, so, you'll just have to suffer and wait. Or, deal with my pictures on instagram: amberghini4


  1. You're slacking on your house purchases pending. I expect to see that go up to 8 before the end of the week.

    1. I HAVE FAILED YOU. We're still barely at one!

  2. You straight up murdered your book goal! I bow to the master! I think I'm at 48, so not shabby, but I think my reading pace might slow significantly when my husband returns home.

    Yeah for a new house! I hope it's all smooth sailing from here!

    1. I'm still shocked! I feel I cheated a little, because there's craft books in there I reviewed for NetGalley, so perhaps I felt I needed to compensate? Also, lack of a job helped a WHOLE lot.

      Thanks! So far so good. Last walk-through is today!