01 December 2014

Happy Thanksgiving....oh CRAP it's December!!

Here it is December, and it's when I start into panic mode, because I haven't finished everyone's gifts yet. But, enough of the worry, how was y'alls Thanksgiving? Mine was FANTASTIC. All I had to do was make a sweet potato pie, shower, and show up. I'd almost declare it the best Thanksgiving ever. 
But the pie. Let me tell you about this pie. It all started out innocent enough. Brian's coworker invited us to Thanksgiving. I asked what we could bring. I got "nothing." as a reply. Whatever, that's not how Thanksgiving works. So, I asked if I could make a pie? And offered the suggestions of Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Pecan, Apple...SWEET POTATO OH MAKE A SWEET POTATO. Apparently, it was this guy's greatest wish. Or something.
I set out on the task of finding a recipe. I decided to use this one (Sweet Potato Pie I) from Allrecipes.com and Pioneer Woman's Pie Crust. Being that I have never made the pie recipe before, I decided to make a test pie. Good thing I did.

Why? Because this is what happens when you have Dyscalculia and you think that "boil sweet potatoes for 50 minutes" actually says "boil sweet potatoes for 30 minutes."

RIP Beater.

After I figured out what happened, I threw everything in the KitchenAid mixer (like I should have in the first place) and it proceeded to fix what I had broken.

While it was beating the living tar out of the sweet potatoes, I set forth to make the crust. Having no pasty cutter, I started out using two forks. Then, one fork. Then, fuck it, I'm using my hands. Got the pie crust all nice and crumbly like it should be, rolled it into two balls and stuck 'em both in the freezer.
Cleaned up a little bit, and checked on the sweet potatoes. Smooth, like butter. So, I threw the ingredients in, and let them mix some more.
I got one pie crust out of the freezer, and attempted to roll it. Attempted. Cussed at it, beat it, smashed it, then rolled it some more. 15 minutes later, I finally got it round enough to be able to fit into the pie dish and have some excess. Got it all squished in, settled, and poured the sweet potato mixture in.

I don't know how to do fancy pie crusts, so I just rounded it out and hoped for the best. Stuck it in the oven and waited. And waited and waited. And it was done! No, wait, it's still soupy. Waited some more. Nope, STILL soupy. Gah. Wait wait wait wait waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait okay, now it's done.

Mmmm....pie. It's not burnt, like it looks. It's browned. (Yes, there's a difference) This pie, was almost heaven. Except...that it was too sweet. Yes. I just said that. But, weirdly, the husband loved it. (He normally says everything's too sweet) So, I took notes, and adjusted and made the NEXT pie, perfect.

Adjusting from the original recipe, I did instead of 1 cup sugar, I did 3/4 c brown sugar, and 1/4 c white sugar. I also separated the eggs, and beat the whites until stiff. Baked for an hour and 15 minutes. This one? Perfect.

We returned home with an empty pie plate.

With that, hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving.

(These are my honest opinions, I wasn't paid by anyone to do this review. I just like writing about my online finds.)

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