16 January 2015

Tudor Birthday Bag

Well, I'm done. Kind of. I was about to write this blog post about the awesomeness of this bag, but how I would fix things for next time, when I realized....I completely misunderstood a step. So, it's about two inches longer than it should be. So, when I become less depressed about that fact, I'll go back and fix it. Maybe. Yes. I should.

But, anywho, here it is in all it's way too big glory.

I chose just the crossbody strap option, and left off the handles. I don't like carrying things, but would rather wear them. Also, as you can see, I did choose the front zippered pocket. You can't go wrong with zippered pockets.

I also chose the top zippered close option instead of the magnetic clasp. I didn't want stuff falling out, or to lose things.

This was my own personal edit. You're supposed to sew kind of off kilter on the inside pockets to create a small pocket and a large pocket. I decided I didn't like that. So, on one side, I made three pockets. And on the other?

Just two large pockets. Nothing extravagant. So, five pockets on the inside, and one zippered pocket on the outside.

But, for now, this thing is huge. It goes from my hip to my knee.



I'll fix it....later. *sigh*

13 January 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was last week. It's the only time of the year I actually WANT attention. It was great. We went to go see Back to the Future in THEATRES. It was awesome. (I love our tiny theatre.) Then, that weekend, we went to the fanciest restaurant in Manhattan, Harry's. Simply delicious! (I like simple birthdays.)

Anywho, my birthday present to myself this year is a new bag. I haven't made myself anything since...the summer? So, I'm making myself Sew Sweetness' Tudor Bag, in Joel Dewberry's Notting Hill. (You know, what my Aeroplane Bag is made out of.)

Aww yiss, cell phone picture time! See also: GIANT MESS.

I'm using byAnnie's Soft and Stable for the first time, and I'm rather excited.

Tonight, after searching for the fabric for like 30 minutes, then discovering it was actually on the fabric shelf, I started cutting.

Got everything cut out. 53 individual pieces. Could have been more, but I'm only doing the shoulder strap, and not the handles.

And now everything that needed to be interfaced, has been. They're drying overnight (I used a bit too much water) and tomorrow, I sew!

Only took 2½ hours to cut and interface. I have to measure 32 times, cut once. Sewing starts tomorrow!

07 January 2015

Sewing Goals for 2015

If you look back on my 2015 Goals and psudo-resolutions post, you'll notice I didn't really elaborate on #8. It sits there, kind of unfinished. Like a passing thought, that died before it could reach the end.

I did that on purpose. I felt my sewing/crafty goals deserved a WHOLE post to themselves. Because they are never ending. Endless. ETERNAL.

I do not expect to accomplish this list. I have 98347298742 different ideas everyday, and maybe one or two a month actually are put into motion.

Maybe I should call this my "Sewing Dreams" list, instead of "Sewing Goals." Yeah. I like that better.

Thanks, internet.

 My 2015 Dreams are:

- Finish all of my kits. I think I have like 30? Ranging from Super Large Quilts to mini quilts. I have a whole container of them, just waiting to happen. FINISH THEM.

- Finally make my friends their 2013 Christmas presents. Every. Year. "I'm gonna make my friends awesome things!" Doesn't happen. But THIS YEAR, I know what I'm going to make them. I have the fabric, I have the pattern, and they're going to like it, damnit.

-Use my clothing patterns and actually my myself stuff, not wait until I'm skinny again. Things can be altered. And if I liked it, I have the pattern to *gasp* make it again!

- Actually complete the block of the month kits I've signed up for. I think I signed up for two. I know the Feed Sack embroidery block from Sweetwater (or whatever that new awesome line is called). I think I signed up for the Simple Whatnots II Club, but I actually have to go to the store to get it. It's been a bit too snowy and cold for me to drive faster than 45mph right now. (I wasn't raised with snow. I don't know what to do with it.)

- Finish all four of my seasonal cross stitch pieces from The Frosted Pumpkin. Go on. Laugh. I am.

- Use up HALF my fabric. Yes. Half. More would be better, but my dreams aren't that big.

And I think that's it. I don't know what 2015 will throw at me, but these are my DREAMS. Don't crush them, people.

06 January 2015

Sewin' with Mom.

As a kid, I learned most my craftiness from my mom (Grandmas helped, too). And so, now I'm returning the favor. Over Christmas, I taught her the very basics of quilting. She had bought a quilt kit for one of her teachers to make from Sunday Best Quiltworks, on one of our many shop hops we did. Very simple basic quilt. I looked at the pattern. "Oh this is EASY." I exclaimed. "HELP." cried Mom. So I did.

As I read over the instructions, you were to cut out three different borders and attach them to a panel. One, had to be fussy cut. So, I explained them to her, and well, next thing you know, I'm cutting borders. We had to rearrange the borders, because the kit didn't have enough fabric to do it one way, and frankly, I like the way this one turned out to the original. But anywho, Mom put this quilt together well. I explained it to her, and helped her make sure she was piecing and ironing it right and BAM. We got that sucker sewn together in a night. 

Hi, Mom!
Isn't that cute? What I'm most proud of is the fact that the lines in the panel? They're straight. STRAIGHT, PEOPLE. That's one of the hardest things for me to accomplish, and the fact that Mom did it on her FIRST QUILT is very impressive. Be impressed.

Mom was disappointed to find out that the kit didn't come with backing (does any kit?) so it was my task to run out and find some fabric for that.
Mom: "How much do you think I'll need?"
Me: "Four yards."
Me: "Nope."

While I honestly think I could have gotten away with purchasing three yards, I suck at math, and it was 50% off, so four yards it was! I purchased this flannel from Joann's, after hmming over multiple fabrics, with my loving, patient, wonderful, amazing husband in tow.

It surprisingly matched quite well, and worked the best out of ALL the fabrics that were there. When we returned, Mom was skeptical, but very pleased at the thought of flannel. The thought of that didn't even enter into her mind. So, I told her to wash it, and we'd hop to it the next day. (Note: This flannel is surprisingly awesome. It washed really well, and was even softer and nicer the next day. Recommended.)

The next evening, was the sandwiching of the quilt. I showed her that you cut the four yards in half, and sew them together, and it makes the backing wide enough to stick it on. And then I showed her the beauty of 505 Spray. I. Do. Not. Pin. Baste. I am too lazy for that. And, it also severely hurts my back to do that. 505 Spray is quicker, and it doesn't make my back hate me for days. While pricey, it. is. worth. it. I trimmed the excess off, and now told her to go forth and quilt. I don't think she liked this part. She just did a basic, straight line in the brown for "hidden" quilting. I mean, you couldn't even tell, unless you looked hard for it. AND THEN THE BINDING. I showed her how to make it, and put the strips together to make one long strip. And then showed her how to attach it. I don't think she really liked that part either. BUT IT WAS ON. And we rested. And then I had to go home, but not before I told her how to finish the binding.

She sends me a picture a few days ago and said "I'm done!"

Hi, Dad!

For her first quilt, and taking three evenings to make it, I'm pretty impressed, aren't you?


Also, while I was there, I taught her how to make very basic potholders.

Simple and easy, right? You need six squares of fabric the same size, a square of Insul-Brite and a square of batting and BAM. Pot holder. On the day I went to go get the above backing fabric, she had made two more. And then a few more. And now she's out of control. You get a potholder! YOU get a potholder! EVERYBODY GETS A POTHOLDER. (Love you, Mom. :P )

04 January 2015

2015 Goals and....not really resoultions.

I secretly like resolutions. I know I might not keep them (things change, shit happens), but I'm a thinker, and a dreamer, and I love sitting here thinking about things and ideas I have for my future.
Ideally, I'd like to review these every month, but I know that won't happen, because I forget.

But as of today, these are my goals and semi-resolutions.

1. Read 52 Books.
This will be my third year with this goal. I barely made it in 2013, succeed excellently in 2014, but what will 2015 hold?

2. Do well in school. 
Have I mentioned that I will be starting at K-State this semester? No? Well, I am! I'm finally excited to start back with school. About three years ago, I stopped going to college because I had enough. I was miserable, depressed, hated my major, hated my school, and felt like I was just wasting money. Awful. Terrible. Horrendus. But now that we're here (ironically 10 years after I was a freshman in college for my first degree) and I'm thrilled. Wish me luck!

3. Revamp Last Yesterday Designs
Like, really get it going. I'm working with some programs trying to figure out legal stuffs, and turn it into an LLC. I'd like to start with an Etsy shop, with aspirations of just having my own shop online. I tried Etsy last year, and it wasn't that bad. I just wasn't sure how to drum up business. So, hopefully, I'll learn that in school, too.

4. Stop buying stuff.
I have an excess of stuff, and I don't know where to put it. Mostly, because I love shopping. (Which is weird for being an INTP apparently) but mostly just for craft supplies and clothes. And some times other things.

5. Declutter and Sell, Sell, Sell!
This kind of goes hand in hand with #4. I don't have hordes of things (not a hoarder) but my "collection" of stuff is out of control. Do I really need 15 half empty bottles of lotion? No. What about all that fabric that I have no plans for? Make plans or sell. If I can't use it, can't wear it, don't need it or just have too much of it. It's gotta go. Whether selling on ebay, craigslist, local FB groups, Etsy, yard sale, or just donating it, the excess has to go.

6. Get Off Your Ass. 
I got lazy. Real lazy. I gained back all the flab and weight I did so well with in Alabama. So, now, it's game over, and I'm tired of this. I saw my thighs. I know I should love my body and I'm awesome the way I am and blah blah blah. But no. I do not feel awesome. I feel sluggish and tired and no energy. (I'm already hypothyroid and it's running as "normal" as possible) and I'm sick of it. So, I'm just going to get off my ass and just move. Walking, cleaning, standing, yoga, belly dancing, chasing the cats around. Whatever. I just need to get off my ass.

7. Eat better.
Every time we PCS our eating habits go to pot. (it's where I gained my weight back from) And it pisses me off. So, I'm cutting out the soy again (except for soy sauce), determined to eat more veggies, and eat less sweets. That last one will be the hardest. I <3 sugar. 

8. Finish things. 
I signed up for Sweetwater's Feed Company Block of the month, so that's my big project for the year. I'd like to also try for the Moda Building Blocks quilt. I really like it, and think it would be a fun way to "get rid of" fabric. 

9. Be happy. 
It's the little things in life, and if I can accomplish any of the above, I'll be super happy. But, even if I don't, I'll still be pleased with what I do accomplish with the year. Who knows what I actually can? I don't know my school schedule yet.

03 January 2015

2014: A Year in Review

HAPPY 2015...two days late. To be fair, all yesterday I was stuck in a truck with my husband and two cats, and on the 1st I was busy packing and pigging out on delicious traditional black eyed peas, turnip greens, and cornbread.

While I should have done this the last week in December, I was on vacation, and I didn't want to think. So meh. :p
But, looking back, I was still in El Paso this time last year. How weird. I was in a tizzy trying to organize my house for the movers, and ignoring the fact that I'd have to say goodbye to some really awesome friends. I also just opened my business, and was quite optimistic and having dreams of grandeur about it. I also had some goals and resolutions that I said. Some, I failed spectacularly at, others, I excelled. Let's take a look back. (Original Post)

1. Out with the Old, In with the New This was about cleaning out the house before we moved and having a yard sale. I did a spectacular job at this. I got rid of a lot of stuff and organized quite a bit of the house. I even had a yard sale! I said goodbye to our table (from my childhood) and went almost all of 2014 without a table to eat at. I didn't get everything I wanted out or everything organized, but two houses later, I feel I did well.

2. 12 Quilts 
LOLOLOL. This didn't happen. 1. I sewed through my finger. 2. I moved. 3. I moved again. 4. No.
I finished two quilts from 2013 and then I made four NEW quilts. So, considering, I don't think I did so bad.

3. 52 Books 
This I EXCELLED at. I think I read 60+ books. I'm pleased.

4. Open an Etsy Business
This, I'm not sure how I did. I opened it, sold a few things, then closed it before I moved. (The second time) I haven't reopened it, because it's just sitting there. Taking up space.

5. Back to School 
This is another laughable one. I got accepted into an online college, then I couldn't take classes because I wouldn't have a house until the second week of class, and then that college never contacted me again. Enjoy your $30.

6. Exercise
While living in Alabama, I did pretty darn good at this. I joined one of the Fitocracy coach classes, lost 10lbs, ate better, felt better, then I moved. Crashed and burned.

7. Spend Less
Just gonna leave that there, and hang my head in shame.

8. Breathe
I think I did okay on this. Not fantastic, but not horrible.

Though, overall I enjoyed 2014 despite living in four different states. Here's to not moving anytime soon.

Coming Soon:
-2015 Goals/Resolutions
-Christmas gifts
-Other random crap