03 January 2015

2014: A Year in Review

HAPPY 2015...two days late. To be fair, all yesterday I was stuck in a truck with my husband and two cats, and on the 1st I was busy packing and pigging out on delicious traditional black eyed peas, turnip greens, and cornbread.

While I should have done this the last week in December, I was on vacation, and I didn't want to think. So meh. :p
But, looking back, I was still in El Paso this time last year. How weird. I was in a tizzy trying to organize my house for the movers, and ignoring the fact that I'd have to say goodbye to some really awesome friends. I also just opened my business, and was quite optimistic and having dreams of grandeur about it. I also had some goals and resolutions that I said. Some, I failed spectacularly at, others, I excelled. Let's take a look back. (Original Post)

1. Out with the Old, In with the New This was about cleaning out the house before we moved and having a yard sale. I did a spectacular job at this. I got rid of a lot of stuff and organized quite a bit of the house. I even had a yard sale! I said goodbye to our table (from my childhood) and went almost all of 2014 without a table to eat at. I didn't get everything I wanted out or everything organized, but two houses later, I feel I did well.

2. 12 Quilts 
LOLOLOL. This didn't happen. 1. I sewed through my finger. 2. I moved. 3. I moved again. 4. No.
I finished two quilts from 2013 and then I made four NEW quilts. So, considering, I don't think I did so bad.

3. 52 Books 
This I EXCELLED at. I think I read 60+ books. I'm pleased.

4. Open an Etsy Business
This, I'm not sure how I did. I opened it, sold a few things, then closed it before I moved. (The second time) I haven't reopened it, because it's just sitting there. Taking up space.

5. Back to School 
This is another laughable one. I got accepted into an online college, then I couldn't take classes because I wouldn't have a house until the second week of class, and then that college never contacted me again. Enjoy your $30.

6. Exercise
While living in Alabama, I did pretty darn good at this. I joined one of the Fitocracy coach classes, lost 10lbs, ate better, felt better, then I moved. Crashed and burned.

7. Spend Less
Just gonna leave that there, and hang my head in shame.

8. Breathe
I think I did okay on this. Not fantastic, but not horrible.

Though, overall I enjoyed 2014 despite living in four different states. Here's to not moving anytime soon.

Coming Soon:
-2015 Goals/Resolutions
-Christmas gifts
-Other random crap  


  1. You had a pretty crazy year! I wouldn't worry so much about the things that didn't get accomplished and instead focus on all you did do. You made some pretty rad stuff and you read a crap ton. Those two things alone coupled with how crazy your year was, are huge! Happy new year, friend!

    1. I like how you think. I *did* get a lot done, dispute not "finishing."
      Happy new year to you, too!

  2. You made 6 more quilts than I did. I bow to you.

    And here's to not moving AGAIN any time soon. Oh my gosh I hate moving so much.

    1. Lucky you, one is in your possession. ;)

      omg. Never. I will cry if we get orders in less than three years.