13 January 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was last week. It's the only time of the year I actually WANT attention. It was great. We went to go see Back to the Future in THEATRES. It was awesome. (I love our tiny theatre.) Then, that weekend, we went to the fanciest restaurant in Manhattan, Harry's. Simply delicious! (I like simple birthdays.)

Anywho, my birthday present to myself this year is a new bag. I haven't made myself anything since...the summer? So, I'm making myself Sew Sweetness' Tudor Bag, in Joel Dewberry's Notting Hill. (You know, what my Aeroplane Bag is made out of.)

Aww yiss, cell phone picture time! See also: GIANT MESS.

I'm using byAnnie's Soft and Stable for the first time, and I'm rather excited.

Tonight, after searching for the fabric for like 30 minutes, then discovering it was actually on the fabric shelf, I started cutting.

Got everything cut out. 53 individual pieces. Could have been more, but I'm only doing the shoulder strap, and not the handles.

And now everything that needed to be interfaced, has been. They're drying overnight (I used a bit too much water) and tomorrow, I sew!

Only took 2½ hours to cut and interface. I have to measure 32 times, cut once. Sewing starts tomorrow!


  1. I'm mildly surprised there aren't more polka dots! I've always liked that plaid. And it's always better to measure 32 times and cut once. Saves substantial grief, or if you're like me, still make mistakes and have substantial grief. :D b

    Basement clotheslines are awesome.

    1. Of what polka dot fabric I had, I sadly didn't have enough to make this bag! I'm TRYING to use what I have, so I can buy more. Less stash.
      I agree. 32 times is way better than sobbing over screwed $15 a yard fabric.

      Damn straight they are.