06 January 2015

Sewin' with Mom.

As a kid, I learned most my craftiness from my mom (Grandmas helped, too). And so, now I'm returning the favor. Over Christmas, I taught her the very basics of quilting. She had bought a quilt kit for one of her teachers to make from Sunday Best Quiltworks, on one of our many shop hops we did. Very simple basic quilt. I looked at the pattern. "Oh this is EASY." I exclaimed. "HELP." cried Mom. So I did.

As I read over the instructions, you were to cut out three different borders and attach them to a panel. One, had to be fussy cut. So, I explained them to her, and well, next thing you know, I'm cutting borders. We had to rearrange the borders, because the kit didn't have enough fabric to do it one way, and frankly, I like the way this one turned out to the original. But anywho, Mom put this quilt together well. I explained it to her, and helped her make sure she was piecing and ironing it right and BAM. We got that sucker sewn together in a night. 

Hi, Mom!
Isn't that cute? What I'm most proud of is the fact that the lines in the panel? They're straight. STRAIGHT, PEOPLE. That's one of the hardest things for me to accomplish, and the fact that Mom did it on her FIRST QUILT is very impressive. Be impressed.

Mom was disappointed to find out that the kit didn't come with backing (does any kit?) so it was my task to run out and find some fabric for that.
Mom: "How much do you think I'll need?"
Me: "Four yards."
Me: "Nope."

While I honestly think I could have gotten away with purchasing three yards, I suck at math, and it was 50% off, so four yards it was! I purchased this flannel from Joann's, after hmming over multiple fabrics, with my loving, patient, wonderful, amazing husband in tow.

It surprisingly matched quite well, and worked the best out of ALL the fabrics that were there. When we returned, Mom was skeptical, but very pleased at the thought of flannel. The thought of that didn't even enter into her mind. So, I told her to wash it, and we'd hop to it the next day. (Note: This flannel is surprisingly awesome. It washed really well, and was even softer and nicer the next day. Recommended.)

The next evening, was the sandwiching of the quilt. I showed her that you cut the four yards in half, and sew them together, and it makes the backing wide enough to stick it on. And then I showed her the beauty of 505 Spray. I. Do. Not. Pin. Baste. I am too lazy for that. And, it also severely hurts my back to do that. 505 Spray is quicker, and it doesn't make my back hate me for days. While pricey, it. is. worth. it. I trimmed the excess off, and now told her to go forth and quilt. I don't think she liked this part. She just did a basic, straight line in the brown for "hidden" quilting. I mean, you couldn't even tell, unless you looked hard for it. AND THEN THE BINDING. I showed her how to make it, and put the strips together to make one long strip. And then showed her how to attach it. I don't think she really liked that part either. BUT IT WAS ON. And we rested. And then I had to go home, but not before I told her how to finish the binding.

She sends me a picture a few days ago and said "I'm done!"

Hi, Dad!

For her first quilt, and taking three evenings to make it, I'm pretty impressed, aren't you?


Also, while I was there, I taught her how to make very basic potholders.

Simple and easy, right? You need six squares of fabric the same size, a square of Insul-Brite and a square of batting and BAM. Pot holder. On the day I went to go get the above backing fabric, she had made two more. And then a few more. And now she's out of control. You get a potholder! YOU get a potholder! EVERYBODY GETS A POTHOLDER. (Love you, Mom. :P )


  1. Yay, a new quilter is born! I think I would be a potholder maniac myself. THERE ARE NEVER ENOUGH. One for each season! Month!! Holiday!!! (!!!!!1)

    1. They're actually *really* simple to make. If you ever want to, I'll pass on the pattern. :D

  2. I'm super impressed! I wish I had known about 505 spray when I did my quilt. Pin basting was so annoying.

  3. This is AWESOME!!! Way to go, Mom!!!