16 January 2015

Tudor Birthday Bag

Well, I'm done. Kind of. I was about to write this blog post about the awesomeness of this bag, but how I would fix things for next time, when I realized....I completely misunderstood a step. So, it's about two inches longer than it should be. So, when I become less depressed about that fact, I'll go back and fix it. Maybe. Yes. I should.

But, anywho, here it is in all it's way too big glory.

I chose just the crossbody strap option, and left off the handles. I don't like carrying things, but would rather wear them. Also, as you can see, I did choose the front zippered pocket. You can't go wrong with zippered pockets.

I also chose the top zippered close option instead of the magnetic clasp. I didn't want stuff falling out, or to lose things.

This was my own personal edit. You're supposed to sew kind of off kilter on the inside pockets to create a small pocket and a large pocket. I decided I didn't like that. So, on one side, I made three pockets. And on the other?

Just two large pockets. Nothing extravagant. So, five pockets on the inside, and one zippered pocket on the outside.

But, for now, this thing is huge. It goes from my hip to my knee.



I'll fix it....later. *sigh*


  1. I still love it.

    Do you need a pencil pouch, with all those pockets?

  2. Super cute!!! (Did you go back and fix it?)