12 April 2015

101 Days.

Today is the 101st day of 2015. That's right, we're already that far into the year. I literally have blinked, and here it is, April.

So, I'd like to take this time to reflect and let some thoughts loose. Looking back on my 2015 Goals and 2015 Sewing Goals, I think I'm doing well. Well, well enough.

My problem is time. Yes, there are "24 usable hours in everyday" (name that movie) but somewhere between school, work, and various other life demands, wait. No. Just kidding. My problem is the internet. It is the ultimate time suck for me. I get distracted so easily on it while I'm trying to do just ONE thing. I should probably work on that. Hmm.

Moving along, I'm trying to keep up with my goals. I'm falling a little behind on my book reading, but school is a bit more important than that goal. I am doing well in school. Mostly. I have A's and B's. I really, really wanted a 4.0 this semester, but I'm seeing my dreams being crushed. But, with about a month left, I really have to pull all my shit together and do better.

As for Last Yesterday Designs, it's the thing I'm doing the worst on. I'm failing at deadlines that I promised, and I feel awful for it. I may have to shut it down until I'm out of school. I can't keep up with stuff.

I'm doing okay with sewing. I haven't really bought a lot of fabric this year. Well, besides the GirlCharlee Knit Fixes, but I'm coming to terms with that I don't really like sewing with knit, so I'm probably going to destash a lot of that. I went into the Craft Dungeon™ the other day and laid out all of my fabrics. I looked at some of them and have NO IDEA why I have them or why I even bought them. So, when school's out, I will be going down there and destashing a LOT of stuff. I already started. Went through my patterns and my kits. Got a box full. Then, I realized I was cold, so I went back upstairs. 

But, despite some slacking and on the verge failures, there are two things I am excelling in. Getting off my ass and decrapifying the house. 

I bought a Jawbone Up in January as a birthday present to myself, and I don't regret it. I didn't think it would, but it does inspire me to get off my ass and move more. I enjoy seeing how many steps I walked in a day, and what I can do to improve upon that. I've lost (and kept off) five pounds since January. Lost five inches all over, too. Though, walking around campus to and from classes really helps, too. 

Decrapifying. I had some epiphany around the beginning of the year that I just have too much shit. It's just strewn about everywhere, stuffed in places, and makes me sad when I see it. Solution? Get rid of it. I started with my clothes. Got rid of five 13-gallon trash bags of clothes. FIVE. Though, one bag was actually trash. Socks, underwear, hose, old gross things, etc. Gone. Now I can see everything in my drawers and closet, and I have THREE empty drawers in my bureaus. I'm still working on weeding out my t-shirts. I'm having a hard time parting with some, because "what if" but, it's a work in progress. I flipped all my hangers around, and if I don't wear them all by the time it turns cold again, they disappear. 

Last night, I cleaned out the living room. I had stuff just stuffed in the bookshelves since we moved in back in October. OCTOBER it's just been sitting there. Doing nothing but collecting dust. So, I sorted through it, through out a lot, and relocated things to where they should be. I still have one cluttered spot, which is my school section. It's a stack of stuff I rotate out in my bookbag. I'm trying to find a better place for it, but I think I'm just gonna call it a draw and leave it there. 

Next, is the kitchen. Gonna take a real hard look at everything and see if I need it or not. My kitchen is pretty tidy, but stuff likes to collect on the island, because it's a great place to drop everything when you come in. Following that, in no particular order, are the bathrooms. I have a makeup "collection" that I probably won't ever use before it expires. I also need a better organization system for my "main" drawer in the bathroom. I have little baskets in there, but they slide around and bobby pins just go everywhere. Maybe, I just need less bobby pins? Then, I need to re-do the office. It's technically my husband's office, but I kinda took it over with stuffing Christmas decor in the closet. That needs to be sorted through, and put in the Craft Dungeon™. I also need to go through the files. 
Next is the dining room. It's currently my sewing room until the Craft Dungeon™ gets warmer. Kansas can't make up it's mind right now, and I'm hoping by the time this semester is over, I can relocate everything back down there and have my table back.  

Last is the Craft Dungeon™. It's the worst part of the house. It's where we just stick things that we don't know where to put. Not to mention all the craft barf down there. I need to have a Come to Jesus meeting with myself and go through it. I still have three boxes down there I haven't unpacked. I have no clue what's in them, either. 

With that, I have realized that I have about a million things to go do, and hopefully, I will have some interesting pictures to post soon.   


  1. I can't help smiling while I read this. My "goals" each year usually go out the window by Feb 1. This year - I didn't even make any. I need to go through my "stuff" and honestly get rid of what I'm not going to use and/or need.
    Good luck!

    1. This is the second year I've made goals and actually have mostly stuck with them. I'm pretty impressed with myself.

      It's hard deciding what to get rid off. One room normally takes me a whole day. Good luck on your end, too!

  2. I would be so much farther ahead without the Internet. But you are inspiring me to try and really make an effort to simplify. The garage sale helped, but we still have so much stuff.

    1. Internet: The Ultimate Time Suck

      Just think, less stuff to unpack. Less stuff to clean up. Less time cleaning, with more time for interneting? It's my new dream. Maybe try to sell some things on FB pages? If not, don't take it with you, just donate it.