16 May 2015


SCHOOL'S. OUT. FOR.....the semester? I finally finished this semester on Thursday. I have three "official" final grades, and just waiting on one more. (I see you grading my paper. GRADE FASTER.) Anywho, I'm slowly getting back on track with Decrapifying or The Purge of 2015. aka, I'm Tired of Unpacking All This Shit. I think I started back in March, but as soon as Spring Break was over, school got very busy. Very. Busy. So, needless to say, I barely had time for anything.
BUT. Now that school is out, I have time to BLOG.

Have you heard of the trend that's going around called The Capsule Closet? It's spreading like wildfire in my neck of the woods. I like the idea, but then again, I don't. Why? Not because it pairs your wardrobe down to 37 pieces, but because you have to put stuff in storage. No. I have a closet that is meant for hanging clothes, so that's where they're going to stay, not in a box somewhere. So, while everyone's showing off their minimalistic looking closet, I'm putting stuff on hangers. I like things on hangers.
The other thing that's spreading like wildfire is the KonMarie method. Which, is only keeping things that "Spark Joy" in your life. I like this method a little bit better, because Marie Kondo (the founder) doesn't believe in storing things. It's just another way of being a hoarder. Which is what I'm trying to be less of.
They're both interesting theories, and I like mulling them over. But with everything it's a Choose Your Own Adventure type of thing.

With that, I'm calling my clothes 90% done. Why 90%? I'm in 5% denial over some, and 5% needing opinions.

Without further ado, here are my clothes, and explanations. 

Walking in, this is what my closet looks like. It still looks crowded, and like I have a lot of clothes, yes? NO. YOU'RE WRONG.  

If I combine my two rows of tops, it looks like this. Which, isn't that bad, except, my clothes are all crammed together, which is what they were before the purge. 
You can also see my scarves hanging neatly on the wall, my two "nice" purses on the top shelf, my hat box, and two bins of my grandmother's stuff, that I can't bare to part with yet. Also, up there are some things I use when we move. Also, you can see a good view of my shoes. The newest shoes are the bright ass neon tennis shoes. Everything else I've had for a long while. And yes, I use them. Weekly.

From this view, you can see the other small half of my closet, which include my pants, that I can't fit into, but love (actually really love) too much to get rid of and if I'd just lose five more pounds they'd fit. My three pairs of dress pants, six skirts, six dresses, four evening gowns and two items of my grandmother's. Also, you can see my boots, and my dress shoes, which some, I'm in denial about, and am working on. Hanging on my door are my pants that can fit into and wear now.

Here's a crammed view of all my clothes.

And here's a un-crammed view of just my t-shirts. Some, which I'm in denial about, also. 

And here's 3/4ths of the hangers of stuff I got rid of. Some were on the plastic store hangers, and some were on another color, which are now up in the guest bedroom, for guests. 

Now, moving into the actual bedroom, I have two bureaus. I labeled them, to make explanations easier. Sleepwear also has "I'm not leaving the house" clothing in it. Swim stuff ranges from bikinis, to goggles, to coverups. Which, really isn't that much.Winter wear is everything from thermal underwear, to hats and gloves. 

These are what I call the "underthings" section. Self explanatory. Hi Scout.

Lastly, these are the clothes from the second purge. The first purge, I "sold" to some friends for shipping, and donated the rest. These are a little bit better quality, so I'm going to try and consign them. I'm ashamed at how many tags are on a few of these clothes.

But I'm pleased. It's my closet, and I enjoy the amount I have. I love clothes. And yes, I wear all of them.

Now...for the rest of the house.

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