16 September 2015

Stitch Fix Nine and Ten!

I'm trying to rebuild and reduce my closet by getting more "adult" like clothes. (Sorry Target t-shirts, our love affair is over.) And being that I live in the middle of Kansas where there's NOTHING around (besides a few boutiques that cater to the Sorority style.) So, I've been casting a line out to Stitch Fix to see if they can help me out. My super awesome stylist, Karen, has done very well!

Fix #9 blew by me, and I forgot to blog about it (like everything else), which means I also took super crappy pictures of me in things, with my dirty mirror, which I'm mildly embarrassed about. So, forgive these pictures. I know they suck.

9.1 & 9.2 Laila Jayde Wilsonville Sude Detail Pleat Back Knit Top and Liverpool Colleen Straight Leg Jean

This shirt, I love. It's super stupid comfy, it's a gorgeous color, and I love the suede back piece! It's perfect for Autumn and Winter, and I can't wait for the weather to get cold so I can wear it. Kept!
The pants I have mixed feelings about. They were great black stretchy jeans, but the straight leg just looked weird on me. Not to mention they were about two sizes too small. Oops. Back they went.

9.3 & 9.4 Pixley Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt and Kut From the Kloth Simmons Bootcut Jean

I do not like chevrons, I do not like them, Sam I Am. But this shirt, is one of the most comfy and amazing shirts I've ever put on my body, not to mention it's purple, grey, and white, so I gave in. It's the only thing I own with chevrons on it. Kept.
I was SO DEPRESSED these jeans didn't fit me. They were a size too small, and about two inches too long. I was distraught, because they were perfect. So, I tried my luck. I emailed StitchFix and they HAD THEM IN MY SIZE AND LENGTH, I was able to exchange them. I felt amazingly lucky, because these jeans are the best I've had in years.

9.5 THML Hasker V-Neck Top

I was a little sad this shirt didn't fit. I love red plaid. I love round hems. I even love a little different fabric for the yolk in the back, but this shirt was too tight in the arm area. I prefer my plaids with collars, which isn't why I'm all the sad to see it go. Returned.

Final Verdict?  3/5

Fix #10 (!) came today and I eagerly ripped it open. Karen has hit the nail on the head with the two previous boxes, so how could she fail me now?
With this box, I decided to do something a little differently. I've styled it to the best of my abilities with pieces that I own.

10.1 41Hawthorne Gideon Polka Dot Sweater

The dirty mirror returned, but that's besides the point. LOOK AT THIS SWEATER. LOOK AT IT. I LOVE this sweater. Ever since I saw it floating around Pinterest and other StitchFix boards, I KNEW it was meant for me, and it arrived! I'm stoked to get this sweater, and can't wait for it to get cold! KEPT

10.2 41Hawthorne Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse

I cleaned the mirror. I don't think it helped. Anywho, this gorgeous green shirt has been another that I've wanted for a while! I'm wearing it with my heathered grey leggings and brown riding boots, but I think I'd wear them with black leggings/bottoms or a dark pair of jeans instead. Either way, I love this shirt, and the color looks amazing on me. Kept.

10.3 Fun2Fun Tafe Crew Neck Blouse

My husband appeared as I was styling this shirt, so no more terrible mirror pictures for you.
I wanted to like this shirt. I loved the pattern, and I loved the colors, but the sleeves and the shirt itself was a little too "flowy" for me. It's also one of those hi/lo shirts where it's a little too high in the front. I'm not a fan of that. Nor is Scout, apparently. Back it goes.

10.4 Skies are Blue Cathy Wide Leg Pant

I came out wearing these, and my husband immediately went "No." I styled them with what I had, but apparently I didn't really have anything. These pants are a beautiful color, super comfy, and have pockets, but they make me look short and wide. If I was taller, I think these would look better. They also were quite thin, so I felt a little...naked? Eh. Back they went.

10.5 Pixley Lori Pencil Skirt

When I got my notification that my fix had shipped, I peeked. I googled the crap out of  the internet looking for this skirt, and it took me three different searches to find this skirt. I was incredibly skeptical. Then, it arrived. It's amazing. It's a fantastic quality (thick) knit skirt, with a zipper in the back. It's a tiny bit too tight at the waist, but if I do a little more cardio and eat less cookies (boo) it'll fit in no time. Either way, it's an amazing skirt, and I'm keeping it!

Final verdict? 3/5.

I've already scheduled my next box.

If you're interested in trying out StitchFix, kindly use my referral link. Click me! 

One day, I'll post more crafty stuff. Christmas time IS coming after all...

These are my own opinions, I am not being paid nor reimbursed for this review. I just love clothes.