17 October 2015

Trying a New Box: Trendsend

I recently joined a Facebook group to see what other clothing subscription boxes were out there. The answer is, "a lot." So, I asked which ones were more casual and classic, without being too edgy or trendy. One of the answers I got was Trendsend.

Trendsend is a style fee free service that sends you 2-3 "contemporary" outfits (yes, WHOLE outfits) in a box, by Evereve. You can choose to get a subscription, or just choose to get a box whenever you feel like it. You fill out a very detailed style profile (says it only takes 10 minutes, but being the person I am, took me 30.) and then click "send me a box!" and in about a week (mine took five days) you get a box! Then, you get FIVE whole days to decide on what you keep.

Now, the thing I didn't realize as I was filling out my profile and perusing around the site, is that this is geared towards, wait for it, Moms. That's right. Moms. I didn't realized that until my box was on the way and I was like "Oh, well, I'm not a mom, but let's see how this goes. Let's just say, I'm pleased.

My box arrived on Friday, and I excitedly opened it.


I rip open the paper to reveal this

 In the preview of the box, I saw this shirt and got excited. I mean, look at it. How can you not get excited over that? This "polka dot" pattern pleases me. You could put the poo emoji in that pattern and I would probably love it.

And then I tried the outfit on. This outfit, is SUPER comfy. I mean, I would want to do nothing but lounge in this all day and I don't even like wearing pants.

Anju Sweater in Stone: I have mixed feelings about this sweater. One, it is simply the most comfortable and warm sweater I have put on my body in a while. And it's not too "unshaply." But, the little bit of decoration is what's bothering me. I'm even okay with the color. But the little bits of fluff that make up the stripes are what's bothering me. Thoughts?

Gem Tassel Necklace: You can see this better in the preview above, but it's going back. The design is neat, I like the length, but I have 847938749384 necklaces I never wear, and I don't really need another.

AG Jeans - Farrah Flare: Holy. Crap. These jeans fit amazingly. I'm a sucker for a flare, and these just are awesome....except, they're too long. I'm trying to decide if I get them hemmed would it lose too much of the flare? 

What's also awesome about the jeans is that the company uses way less water than it takes to make a "normal" pair of jeans. Jeans use A LOT of water when they're made. I will be supporting you when I can AG. Bravo. 

And here's my problem with the shirt. It fits well, it's comfy, but...it has a mullet cut. If it was evenly cut, or even a few inches of a difference, but this has a LOT of difference. So close, Amour Woven Top. So close.

Overview: I loved this outfit, but I'm still indecisive about some pieces.

Shirt: No
Necklace: No
Cardigan: Maybe
Jeans: Maybe


 Fame Oversized Plaid Scarf: Hipster winter is coming, y'all. I have mixed feelings about blanket scarves. On one hand, they're incredibly versatile, keep you warm, and become a blanket if you ever need it. On the other? I don't know how to style it. It took me two years to figure out how to style a regular scarf.
But look at this red beauty; I love plaid. Especially a red plaid. (But not Buffalo Check) but, scarf is styled how?

Kut From the Kloth Diana Skinny Jeans: StitchFix introduced me to Kut From the Kloth. If it weren't for AG Jeans, Mavi, and Henry and Belle, I'd live in Kut from the Kloth. These arrived just in time, because my other pair of skinny jeans were starting to get (unfashionable) holes in them. The most important part is, my ass fits in them very well.

I don't know what I'm doing in this picture. Being a model was never my calling.

Classic French Terry Blazer: I've been searching for a blazer for about two months. They're like professional cardigans. And I'm a sucker for a cardigan. Being that this one was made out of a terry cloth, I was sold. Comfy blazer that fits? Yes, please.

And this shirt. This shirt had potential. I mean, just look at it on the model. Great, right? Even here under the blazer, it looks pretty awesome.

Go fish.

This shirt is HUGE. It's one of those crop top square shirts. Not to mention it's thin. I put a dark colored bra on just so you could see how thin it was. You can also see the top of my jeans. And a cat butt, but that's beside the point. I was sad that this didn't fit, but that's okay. There's other good shirts out there that need loving homes. Hopefully this one will go to someone who will love it.

 Overview: This is probably my favorite outfit of the two; it is more "me."

Blazer: Yes
Shirt: No
Jeans: Yes
Scarf: Maybe
Cat: Of course

I definitely think I'll be getting another box from them, it was nice having WHOLE outfits style for you. There is no referral program, but if you have an Evereve account, you can apparently gain points for that program or whatever.

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for this post. It is my honest, unbiased opinion. I like reading opinions like this, and hope you do, too.