31 December 2015

Front Door Fashion

Since I last left you (in October) I was trying a new box, Trendsend. I got another box from them, hated all of it, and decided it just wasn't for me. So, I decided to try ANOTHER new subscription, Front Door Fashion. Front Door Fashion is really cool. It's similar to StitchFix in where you have a stylist style you, but this time, you actually get to EMAIL (or call, if that's your thing) your stylist and discuss what you want.  Or, if you live in the Dallas, TX area, you can go to their headquarters and they have a Style Session where they will personally style you there, OR they can come to your house for a Closet Consultation, go through your closet, and help you out. Oh what fun that would be! But, being that I live nowhere reasonably close to Dallas, I opted for their box delivery, which is just as awesome.
What you do, is you fill out a pretty detailed style profile, and click "send me a box!" And normally within 48 hours, a stylist will contact you via your preferred method. I think Amelia, my stylist, contacted me within 24. You'll discuss with your stylist on what you're looking for, and then however long it takes, BAM. Shipping notification. Now, a little word of warning (that also is on their site) they charge whatever card you're using $1000 to make sure it works, and then immediately take it off. So, just be sure of when your credit card due date is. But other than that, there is NO charge for this box, besides what clothing and accessories you buy out of it.

Another thing I liked, is on their blog, they have little stylist profiles, giving you information about their stylists. You could probably pick someone a little closer to your style preferences. I told them "give me someone with a sense of humor" and I was delivered Amelia. I like her, thus far!

The only "downside" to getting the box delivered, is someone MUST sign for it. So if your UPS person comes when you're home, you live reasonably close to a UPS pickup, or you don't mind them leaving it on your front porch for a signature the next day, you're fine.

I got mine about three weeks ago, and just haven't had time to post about it until now.

This box was pretty big. I'm so used to StitchFix's cat beds, er, I mean small boxes, that when I lugged this 10 pound box into my house, I was a little thrown. But, don't let the 10 pounds intimidate you, it was 10 pounds of AWESOME.

I opened the box, and on top was an envelope with my name hand written on it. In the envelope was a guide to shoes, how to tie a scarf, and some other little things. Also, a HANDWRITTEN note from my stylist, Amelia, which I'm still impressed about.

I open my box, and inside is a garment bag! How nice! I flopped it out onto my poorly made bed (I was too excited for it to look pretty, get over it.) And the first thing I noticed were these little tags hanging out. I looked at my invoice, and they had the clothes categorized by OUTFIT. If you squint (or click on the picture to enlarge it), you can see the tags say "dare to flare", "dress it down", "Fall for layers", and "cozy and casual." How neat is that? I unzip the bag, and pull out a section of clothing. Then, I realize that Amelia has provided descriptions and "instructions" on how I can mix and match the outfits on the invoice. I'm sad now that I didn't take a picture of the invoice to show the great instructions.

This was the first set of outfits I pulled out, the "fall for layers" collection. I pulled this out and gasped. I LOVED that plaid shirt. It's purple and green. You just don't see purple and green plaid. I actually liked everything about this collection. Buuut. The scarf is a color that looks horrible on me, so sadly, it had to go back. The plaid shirt looked TERRIBLE on me. I looked wide and heavy set. The vest was absolutely gorgeous and fit perfectly, but the gold was too "blingy". The jeans are Articles of Society (which fit me wonderfully) and I considered keeping them, but I'm still refusing to buy pre-ripped jeans. (Never have, never will.) The burgundy sweater I considered keeping, but it was a little too "grungy" for my style. And I already had a black tank top, so no need for another. But, this set of clothing was about a 8/10 on how close she was to my style.

This is the "cozy and casual" selection. I saw that scarf and immediately fell in love with it. Kept. No regrets. The jeans were nice, but I couldn't get them over my thighs (go on, laugh.) So, they were sent back. The grey shirt, while comfy, I have 48434385349 grey t-shirts, and this one was a cowl neck, which I can't stand, so back it went. The tunic was actually pretty cool. It was not my style, but it had zippers in the sleeves, which I thought was a cool feature. Lastly, that necklace is too boho and not my style at all. So, I'd say Amelia got a 7/10 out of this one.

And here's my favorite collection, the "dare to flare." Go on, be shocked. But, no really. I would have kept everything in this collection, buuuut. I already have a pair of dark flares just like this one, I have a necklace, basically just like that, and the thing I'm most depressed about, that blouse didn't fit. I. Love. That. Blouse. I saw it and almost fainted. It's even more gorgeous in person, and I would have lovingly hand washed it, that's how much I loved it. But, sadly, it was too tight in the shoulders, and if I went up a size larger, I would have looked like a balloon.  But, I did keep two items from this collection. That wonderful grey sweater, and the hidden skirt. Look how cute it looks together! 9/10

Mirror DSLR selfies are HARD.

Last but not least, the "dress it down" selection. I asked for something dressy, but casual, and warm for a birthday outfit. This actually fulfills all my criteria, except, as you can see, it doesn't really work well on me. I loved this dress. I love stripes and a good solid color yoke, but I just, I was meh about how it looked on me. I almost kept the scarf. It was a gorgeous shade of red, but it was just a little too short for my busty bust. 6/10.

Overall, I am HIGHLY impressed with Front Door Fashion. Customer service is impeccable, presentation is impressive, and I totally would get another box. Matter of fact....why, one is currently in route to me. Happy Birthday to me, right?

Note: I am not being compensated for this post. It is my honest, unbiased opinion. I like reading opinions like this, and hope you do, too.