16 April 2016

Day 107.

I meant to write this post seven days ago, but let's face it, I'm pretty much sucking at blog posting right now. My last attempt was in February, and I don't even know what I was going to blog about. It was just a blank draft. BUT this post is about updating my goals, and I don't know how long it'll last, because blogger keeps giving me a popup and giving me an error, so I'm going to make this quick before I completely lose everything, and then just give up blogging even longer.

1. Do good in school.
So far, so good. There’s three weeks left and I still have all A’s. I have two projects left in 3D modeling, and the fashion show is next week, and two more quizzes in my Art History class, so it could all come crashing down, but I’m praying that it doesn’t. I really need a 4.0 this semester. *knocks on wood, crosses fingers* Though, I finished my Macroeconomics class back in March, and I got a B in it. FINALLY. Sadly, it doesn’t replace my F I made last semester, because I retook the course at another school. I’m going to see if I can protest it.

2.       Keep going to the gym.
I’ve been doing good with this one, except these past few weeks. I’ve only gone once a week for the past three weeks, but to be fair, my plantar fasciitis has been screwing me over lately, so I’ve added yoga into my week to help supplement when I can’t go to the gym.

3.       Read 52 books.
I’m doing surprisingly well on this so far. I’ve read 21 books, and yes some of them are textbooks, craftbooks, and cookbooks, but damnit, reading is reading. I have a stack of six books to read that I’m going to try to read this weekend. Well, not all six, but at least two.  

4.       Internet Less.
This one ebbs and flows. Depends on how tired I am that day. I’d like to think I’m doing better, but there’s some days I just get sucked into the black hole of the internet and look up and it’s time for bed. Whoops.  

5.       Save more money.
Eh, I’m doing okay at this. I’m working on paying off my credit card debit (almost there) but I’m slowing saving more and buying less. I’ve been to Target only twice this year, so baby steps.  

6.       Craft More.
This is okay. I’ve made a few things this year, including a skirt I’m turning in for a portfolio, half a shirt, half a pair of shorts, bits of cross-stitch, and a started quilt. Though, I sewed my husband’s name tapes on his uniform for the first time in our relationship, so that’s something. I have a hat and two more sets of uniforms to go.

7.       Volunteer.
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. Maybe this summer.  

8.       Create Art.
This is terrible. I bought all this stuff to inspire me and it’s just failed me. Though, I started on my drawings the other night, and they’re okay, so that’s something. Gonna redraw them.

9.       Continue to reduce things in my house.
This is going okay. I wasn’t trying to get rid of a lot, but I still find things here and there that I donate. I do have a pile to take to Clothes Mentor, and I’m also currently selling things on ebay. The real big thing will be this summer when I tackle my craft room. Again. I need to stop being in denial about that I’m actually going to use it.

10.   Breathe.
I’m less angry, but I’m still stressed. So I’m doing okay with this.

Maybe one day I’ll post something again. Until that day, just assume I’m reading. ;)